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The Main Bar

Ninetyeight encapsulates the forgotten enchantment of going into the toy/sweet shop as a child.  Indeed,  it’s  a call out to your inner child. Treat yourself and discover a place like you’ve never seen before.  In this ‘tounge in cheek’ chic environment you can just relax and forget about the pressure of the adult world, whilst sipping freshly made exotic cocktails.  We specialise in hosting bespoke fabulous functions; birthday parties, corporate mixology/parties, exhibitions,  as well as book launches. We are happy to arrange a DJ at your private party and catering.  We can host parties from 20 – 120 people. Unfortunately, because of health and safety we are unable to allow guests to bring their own cakes/or food. Please call us on 0207 729 4141 to discuss your party requirments. We look forward to hearing from you.